Urban Foxes Collective

Theatre Makers

Urban Foxes Collective is a London based all-female theatre ensemble.
Through female eyes we unapologetically make multi-disciplinary performance that is concerned with the now. We are looking for ways to better understand ourselves, each other and the confusing world we exist in. We celebrate contradictions in ourselves and in our shows and use movement, music and words in effort to find clarity. It’s about what gets stuck in our brains and we can’t stop talking about.



Saskia and Elena have birthed a play about contemporary unease and the cult of perception. The handling of surface superficiality and its underlying malignancy is skilfully accomplished and acutely attuned. The girls informed me that the play has had a mixed response from audiences, but as far as I’m concerned, watch this space: Saskia and Elena seem to be theatre goddess oracles of the future.”
— http://funnywomen.com/2015/12/04/be-better/
Whether we see it as a failing of our generation or not, we can no doubt do something more useful with our time than programmes for self-betterment and scrolling through Instagram. Although the show takes a primarily feminist edge, through audience interaction they assert that this message goes for everyone. And true to the lingo Generation Y grew up with, we would do well to just “get a life”.

It’s an interesting show, with deep, catalytic ideas and a dizzyingly strong voice. I can’t wait to see what Urban Foxes do next
— http://exeuntmagazine.com/reviews/be-better/
Gyrating dance routines and aerobic movement are likewise effective, and what with the wind-fans blowing at their hair, it’s like watching a music video. Perhaps the strongest parts of Be Better are the eerie moments of comedy. This show is very funny, although the jokes are usually at someone’s expense – either ours or Saskia’s. The writing is likewise uncanny, with images of gestation turned inwards. The script is dominated with the language of the female anatomy.

This show really manages to embody a modern malaise in new and thought-provoking ways, and their reference to topical issues goes beneath the superficial.
— http://www.broadwaybaby.com/shows/be-better/705926


Marland and Voce are excellent character actors with great energy and commitment to the work....Experienced practitioners that show a lot of promise – certainly ones to watch
— http://mytheatremates.com/narcissistic-nativity-fucking-little-elf-bitch-rosemary-branch-theatre/
The exuberant performances of Saskia Marland as Gabriel and Elena Voce as Maz are what stole the show – full of zest and injecting a sense of joie de vivre into the audience ****
— http://pubtheatres1.tumblr.com/post/154857964597/adults-only-xmas-season-at-the-rosemary-branch