Urban Foxes Collective

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Urban Foxes Collective is a London based all-female theatre ensemble.
Through female eyes we unapologetically make multi-disciplinary performance that is concerned with the now. We are looking for ways to better understand ourselves, each other and the confusing world we exist in. We celebrate contradictions in ourselves and in our shows and use movement, music and words in effort to find clarity. It’s about what gets stuck in our brains and we can’t stop talking about.






Next Performance at Theatre at Salisbury Playhouse 11-13th of October 2018

Previously performed at Camden Peoples Theatre November 9-11th 2017

FLOODS is a discussion of two women's attitudes towards the ethics of reproduction in an overpopulated world.

An irreverent and stylistically inventive piece about fear and the future. Funny and imaginative, an exploration into what is left for the next generations.

Pregnant with knowledge and positively rotund, we must be resourceful when resources are... diminished.

Using clowning and storytelling we will ask if it is possible to refocus maternal instincts in order to sustain our planet, and if humanity has or ever will evolve past an animal need to procreate. FLOODS also examines traditional terms around motherhood, asking what phrases like ‘biological clock’ and ‘maternal instinct’ mean to women in 2017.


The project has been commissioned by Arts Council England and Cambridge Junction   and was first previewed at WatchOut in June 2017. We are also working in collaboration with Camden Peoples Theatre  and Theatre Delicatessen with have planned performance dates at CPT from 9-11th of November and at Theatre Deli i in Sheffield and London in February 2018.



Photo's below taken by Ana De Matos at WatchOut 27/06/2017


Photo's below taken during first scratch at Fracture,  Rosemary Branch Theatre, September 2016

(Work created in collaboration with THOMAS VOCE)

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