Urban Foxes Collective

Theatre Makers

Urban Foxes Collective is a London based all-female theatre ensemble.
Through female eyes we unapologetically make multi-disciplinary performance that is concerned with the now. We are looking for ways to better understand ourselves, each other and the confusing world we exist in. We celebrate contradictions in ourselves and in our shows and use movement, music and words in effort to find clarity. It’s about what gets stuck in our brains and we can’t stop talking about.


We foxes love rifling around with new talent.

We hold nights offering a platform for other artistic hunter scavengers to perform and DRY LONG STRONG NAKED are our ALMOST cabaret nights. 

Here, multidisciplinary performances are undergone; itching a scratch of a popular topic.

Our first Night took place in 2015@ The Peckham Pelican; its theme MASCULINITY & FEMININITY

The Performers

Josh Breach & Rhys Slade-Jones, Eli Harris, The Uncollective, Kat Addis, Gemma May Rees, Joe Boylan, Isobel Rogers


STAY TUNED FOR OUR NEXT NIGHT! There will be something for everyone, maybe.